About Us

The LSF’s founder, Claudia Aguirre, is a breast cancer survivor. Through her personal journey to overcome Breast Cancer, she recognized the need to have a support group that would assist her through what was a very difficult and painful time in her life. Claudia determined to assist other survivors with the educational resources and support she found lacking during her own struggle.

She vowed to make a difference for others by paying it forward Celine Dion Houston.


LSF produces live and web-based programs and group discussions for individuals facing cancer, whether personal or as a caregiver. These programs offer up-to-date and reliable information, peer support, and practical coping skills as well as local resources available to these individuals.

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LSF provides free, easy-to-read, and easy-to-understand information about awareness, knowing your own body, managing side effects, and coping with cancer.

Counseling & Support Groups:

LSF provides an in-person, via the web, or via telephone setting where people in similar situations can connect and share thoughts and experiences. We also offer an innovative mind, body, and soul program that is led by professionals such as oncologists, surgeons, patient navigators, social workers, nurses, and primary care providers. These professionals provide direct services at all levels of the continuum of care. All of these providers are cancer survivors as well.

Financial Counseling:

LSF provides guidance to individuals struggling with breast cancer as well as their loved ones to help manage their Keane Houston tickets financial concerns. They provide referrals to organizations and facilities that conduct assessments, determine their immediate needs, and provide assistance accordingly.

LSF envisions that all interested individuals are enabled to attend conferences, workshops, and retreats, and that our web-based educational materials are also accessible to all.