Claudia’s Story

Years ago I didn’t actually know anyone close who had cancer; it was always a friend of a friend or a distant relative that I kinda remembered meeting once years ago.

However, cancer reared its ugly head to me. I received the diagnosis of breast cancer on November 25, 2005. What a dark and life changing day that was!

No one welcomes a cancer diagnosis. The shock of having to recalculate all the elements of your world is monumental. It feels like the best parts of life are being taken away. It also seems like you’ll never move away from those feelings.

I began to accept the diagnosis and thought, it’s not as bad as it could be. This was a way to build and consolidate a sense that I was going to make my way through it.

I started looking for things that would bring positive emotions. It was the first step in finding a more positive outlook; one in which I could find benefit and meaning in the experience.

I told my friend Margarita, who I met 16 years before while working in NY, about my diagnosis. She mentioned that Beth, another friend with whom I had lost touch, had been diagnosed with breast cancer six months before me. Breast cancer brought us together again.

I began to see my cancer as an opportunity; something that was brought to my life for a reason.

I thought, I am going to use my healing journey to help others going through this difficult challenge in their life. I want to show others that they really can do more than survive an illness. They can thrive, live, love, and laugh. Hope is just one choice away.

I want to use my story to inspire others; to encourage survivors to live a positive and purposeful life. I want to bring breast cancer survivors together through Lotus Survival Foundation – Mind, Body and Soul retreats. I want to provide education, empowerment, and inspiration to others going the the challenges that cancer brings.

Lotus Survival Foundation promotes health and wellness, spiritual wisdom, and one-on-one connections with other breast cancer survivors as well as much, much more.

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