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Getting a Prisma Certified Cloud Security Engineer Job

A Cloud Security Engineer is a computer software engineer who gets his certification by passing the PCCSE Exam. There are many reasons to get a Cloud Security Engineer Certification today. This certification shows employers that you have a thorough understanding of all the latest technology used in the design and implementation of computer programs, from designing to deployment. When your job involves creating and managing networks, servers, storage and data centers all around the world, you need to know the latest in computer science and be able to demonstrate that you’re up with the times.

Question No 1:

A customer has a development environment with 50 connected Defenders A maintenance window is set for Monday to upgrade 30 stand-alone Defenders in the development environment, but there is no maintenance window available until Sunday to upgrade the remaining 20 standalone Defenders .

Which recommended action manages this situation?

A. Go to Manage > Defender > Manage, then click Defenders, and use the Scheduler to choose which Defenders will be automatically upgraded during the maintenance window
B. Upgrade a subset of the Defenders by clicking the individual Actions > Upgrade button in the row that corresponds to the Defender that should be upgraded during the maintenance window
C. Find a maintenance window that is suitable to upgrade all stand alone Defenders in the development environment
D. Open a support case with Palo Alto Networks to arrange an automatic upgrade

Answer: C

Question No 2:

Which statement about build and run policies is true?

A. Build policies enable you to check for security misconfigurations in the laC templates.
B. Every type of policy has auto-remediation enabled by default.
C. Run policies monitor network activities in the environment and check for potential issues during runtime
D. The four main types of policies are Audit Events. Build. Network, and Run.

Answer: C

Question No 3:

A security team has been asked to create a custom policy. Which two methods can the team use to accomplish this goal? (Choose two )

A. add a new policy
B. disable an out-of-the-box policy
C. edit the query in the out-of-the-box policy
D. clone an existing policy

Answer: B, D