Holiday Season!

We are grateful for all of the wonderful people we’ve met on this journey, many of whom are or have gone through exactly the same things we’ve gone through. They remind us that even when we are alone, we never have to be lonely.

Emotional Support!

Breast cancer awareness has resulted in hundreds of millions in donations to charities just in the United States alone. However, these funds have been almost exclusively applied to research for a future cure of the disease while emotional support to patients with life-threatening conditions who need immediate attention today has been largely ignored.

Lotus Survival Foundation believes that providing emotional support to women today is just as critical as searching for a future cure. Every woman deserves to receive emotional support regardless of socio-economic status and financial condition.

Positive Affirmations help!

Re-train the brain with positive affirmations and daily reminders. The more positive self-talk we have, the happier we are. We can make our positive self talk into a belief and habit. Each day say positives that work on your negatives. Example: I'm feeling sad and unsuccessful because I have been unemployed for over six months. Each morning when you wake up tell yourself how smart and successful you are. For added support say it in the morning and night. After a few weeks of saying this, it will become a habit and a belief. I have to admit the first few weeks I used this technique, I laughed at my positive talk but after 2-3 weeks of it, I believed my positive comments and it became a habit and I felt better overall.

Poem in tribute to Anita, my late mother-in-law

A Life Well-Lived
By Karen Michelle Raines
It went on forever, it seemed, without end,
The slow, steady stream of her family and friends.
And I was among them, my husband her son,
Accepting embraces from others who’d come
To pay their respects and bid her farewell,
Each with a favorite story to tell
Recalling her thoughtfulness, beauty and wit,
How young she still was, and how tragic was it
That cancer had claimed such a one so adored
By all who had known her and who had done more
Than most, they believed, in service to others,
Balancing all with her role as a mother
Whose passion for family she helped to instill
In all of her children as she fulfilled
Plans for reunions in which she’d take part,
Investing in each dedication and heart.
She savored such times with her family and friends
And the vacations she blissfully spent
Traveling to all but two of the states,
To beaches, to mountains, through deserts, to lakes,
Golfing, antiquing, playing tennis and teas –
She and her husband just happy to be
Doing whatever, wherever, together,
There for each other for good and forever.
The years of her cancer, two decades plus one,
She fought to ensure that it robbed them of none
Of what they considered life’s principal pleasures:
Time spent together, moments to treasure,
Service to God and to family and man,
Being and doing the best that they can
’Til finally the day had come, at long last,
Her future eclipsed by a richly lived past.
The things that eluded her, just out of reach –
A chance to see England and once more the beach,
A church confirmation she wished she could be
There for her grandson and his family.
Yet these were all minor, in contrast, she knew,
To all that she had and had loved the years through:
Her children, her grandkids, her husband, her life.
She loved being a mother, a grandma, a wife.
No matter what hadn’t been crossed off her list,
How blessed was she to be loved and be missed.

3 things to do when something unexpected happens!

Stop. If you feel pressured to make a decision, stop what you're doing. GIve yourself a chance to think before acting.
Assess your options. Don't waste time wishing things were different. Think about the best outcome in the given situation, the information you have at hand, and the available resources. Then lay out your options.
Move forward. Based on your new assessment, make a decision and commit. Even if the decision isn't ideal, accept that it's the best under the circumstances.

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