About LOTUS Survival Mentoring Program

  • Breast Cancer is Scary.

    The initial diagnosis can put you in a void, feeling completely alone. Although you may have very capable doctors and nurses and be surrounded by family and friends that love you, many of them will not understand firsthand what you are going through. That's why the LOTUS Survival Mentor Program is so important. The program pairs you with support and provides answers to the "What if?" questions.

  • How Does the Program Work?

    Anyone diagnosed with breast cancer is eligible to be matched with a mentor. When a patient requests a mentor, the program staff facilitates a match with respect to diagnosis, gender, and age. The program director makes the match, then contacts the trained mentor. The mentor makes the initial contact with the patient to offer one-on-one support over the phone or via email. The mentor program pairs the patient with a breast cancer survivor who provides support and answers to the "What If?" questions.

  • How to get a Patient Mentor

    All you have to do is ask. Your patient mentor will be paired as closely as possible with respect to diagnosis, gender, and age. A mentor understands what you are going through because he or she has traveled that same road. Your mentor will act as your guide and will share healthful and positive strategies learned from his or her own experience - strategies that can help you cope.

  • How to Become a Patient Mentor

    Some people who have had their lives turned upside down by breast cancer have a desire to help those going through the same thing. They realize that they can be there for someone like you by providing one-on-one support over the phone or via email. LOTUS Mentors are empathetic and have firsthand answers to all of the hard-to-ask questions. They are positive, supportive, and able to give of their time and life experience to help put a new breast cancer patient at ease. If this describes you and piques a genuine interest in becoming a mentor, we would love to hear from you.

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