Lotus Survival Foundation (“LSF”) was founded in May of 2010. LSF’s primary purpose is to provide charitable services to low-income or uninsured women and their loved ones who are affected by, or concerned about, breast cancer. To this end, LSF’s hope is that they can help to make sense of the complex medical and personal information stemming from breast cancer, so the individuals can make the best decisions by being properly informed. In order to achieve that mission, LSF strives to provide education, support, counseling and various programs to assist those who have been - or may become - afflicted with breast cancer, as well as, those dealing with loved ones affected by breast cancer.

The specific avenues through which LSF pursues its mission are:

Education. LSF will produce live and web-based programs and seminars for individuals facing cancer, either personally or as a caregiver. These programs will offer, among other things, up-to-date and reliable information, peer support, and practical coping skills.

Research Information Dissemination. LSF will publish descriptive and educational information about trends in cancer incidence,cancer mortality, cancer risk factors, and cancer patient care, derived from various studies that trace the causes and prevention of cancer in small prospective studies.

Publications. LSF will provide free booklets and fact sheets offering up-to-date, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand information about the latest treatments, managing side effects, and coping with cancer.

Counseling & Support Groups. LSF will allow people in similar situations to connect through our free support groups which will be led by professional social workers. These groups shall be made available in person, via the web, or via the phone.

Financial Counseling. LSF will offer assistance to individuals, and their loved-ones, who are struggling with breast cancer to help manage their financial concerns and provide referrals to other organizations and facilities who may be of assistance.

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